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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Hungarian independence starts at Pákozd (1848)

For an 18-month conflict that mobilized over half a million combatants, the Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-1849 is not very well known in the Anglophone wargaming community. I have been accumulating books about it for years but had never quite got round to putting armies on a tabletop. But a few months ago the bug finally bit, and I started serious reading and researching, which developed into full-blown obsession. The creative juices are flowing, scenarios are being written, and now  the campaign has begun: at last I have played my first game from the szabadságharc.

It was a good one, too. Really obscure – just the kind of esoterica we like – and with some wacky incidents to make it colourful and different. The scenario in question was one I wrote for the first significant battle of the war: Pákozd.